KaJo supports two new godchildren

KaJo supports two new godchildren

Our board member Johannes went to Addis Ababa earlier this month and met all godchildren and friends of KaJo in Ethiopia. During his time in Addis Abeba, he introduced two new godchildren: Yabes and Tensa.
In addition, through the birthday of a friend of KaJo e.V., two new godparents were found for the children in the beginning of October.

Yabes attends the 7th grade (born: 05.04.2006). He enjoys playing football and listening to music and is a big fan of the St. George team. He also spends a lot of time with his best friend Eyut. His favorite subjects are Mathematics and Amarek.
Yabes was raised by his maternal grandmother since his childhood, as his mother could not provide him with enough food. The apartment of the grandmother, where she lives since 1982, is subsidised by the state and so the rent costs 300 Birr per month.

Tensa is now in fourth grade and her favourite subjects are mathmatics, science and Amarek. In her free time she enjoys reading and playing hide and seek with her three best friends. Now and then she also plays with our other godchild Josef. Later, she wants to become a doctor.
Her mother has been a single parent for five months and currently has no permanent job. She also takes care of Tansa's one and a half year old sister. Tansa's father financially supports the family for spendings on Tansa. Nevertheless, it is difficult for the family to pay the rent of their accommodation (1000 birr per month), in which they live since six months.

Yabes and his grandmother

Tansa with her mother