Report 23.09.2019

Report 23.09.2019

Report from 23.09.2019
Attendees: Anna-Theresa Dreher, Lisandra Ilsei, Niklas Behlmer, Dorothea Engl
Record-taker: Niklas Behlmer

  1. Bruke's transfer: Bruke will be transferred to 11th grade because the school system has changed.

  2. Manuela (godmother of Josef) asks if there is interest or the opportunity to present the club on her birthday or to advertise for it. Lisandra will take over the performance.

  3. Packages from the sponsors for the children are on the way to Johannes so that he can take them to Addis in October.

  4. Theresa contacts a German goldsmith near Lalibela. It is about a possible cooperation for a training project to become a goldsmith.

  5. Theresa sent an inquiry to the club members about new laptops for the children.

  6. Clarification of the tasks for Johannes' visit to Addis