Travel Report Fall 2019

Travel Report Fall 2019

In September the school Future Generation Hope, which our godchildren go to, started the new school.
Last year was the first year since 2012 when no member of KaJo went to Ethiopia to pay the school fees personally. So it was all the more important this year to visit all the families as well as the local school.

A big thank you to all godparents who sent me gifts and letters before I left. All the children were very happy and we read the letters together and helped in some places with translations.

Our middleman Kibret was there for three days from morning to night. I was very pleased to see that our godchildren have developed a familiarity with Kibret. Without him it would have been a challenge to master the task on-site alone.

Day 1:

At 10 o'clock in the morning I had an appointment with Kibret at the school. We calculated the cost of school fees for next year.
At noon we took care of school supplies as well as uniform for Bruke.
In the afternoon there were meetings with the families of Kalkidan, Bruke, Hilina and Josef.
In addition, I visited the family of our new godchild Tensaye. You can find out more about our new godchild Tensaye here.

Day 2:

We met Tensaye and her mother at school. It was nice to involve them in the whole process throughout the day. After paying all school fees for all children for the next school year, we also got school uniform, backpack and school items for Tensaye.

Day 3:

As a farewell there were gifts from their godparents for all sponsored children.
During my time in Ethiopia someone had announced an interest in a sponsorship during my trip. We got introduced to Yabes, who grew up with his grandmother.
You can find more about our new godchild Yabes here.