Protocoll 02.08.2021

Protocoll 02.08.2021

August 2nd, 2021
Start: 8:00 p.m.
End: 20:30 p.m.

Participants: Anna-Theresa Dreher, Lisandra Ilisei, Niklas Behlmer, Vincent Robiller, Dominik Hetz

  1. New school:
    Children are divided. Some of them want to go to Future School. A list should also be created with contact details (address, telephone number, child and class) who want to go on it. Theresa makes this list.
    Niklas will find out about options for transferring money. Theresa tries to get in touch with Biruh.

  2. Kibret calls
    Kibret has received many calls from new children who want to be accepted into the organization. After an internal vote, no new sponsored children will be accepted for the years 2021/2022.

  3. Newsletter
    Theresa, Vincent and Dominik are writing articles for the next newsletter. Theresa writes about the news with the children and Vincent writes an article about the political situation between Tigray and the Central government. Dominik is writing an article about the completed elections.

Next meeting 08/16/21