Protocoll 06.09.2021

Protocoll 06.09.2021

Date September 6th, 2021
Time: 20: 05-20: 25

Participants: Dorothea, Dominik, Theresa und Johannes

  1. Schools
    Bruke is about to graduate. 4 students are at a new school. The list with the children and schools was drawn up by Theresa. Lisandra is currently taking care of paying schools.

  2. Newsletter
    The new newsletter has to be sent out soon. Pictures should still be added. The newsletter is complete and can be sent.

  3. Still open things
    Johannes sends the children' grade reports to the godparents and saves them in the files.

  4. To-dos until the next meeting:
    Johannes supports Lisandra with the payment. As well as sending out newsletters and certificates.