Sitzungsprotokoll 06.12.2021

Sitzungsprotokoll 06.12.2021

Meeting: 06.12.2021; 20:00-21:00
Participants: Dorothea Engel; Johannes Engl; Anna-Theresa Dreher; Niklas Behlmer; Dominik Hetz

  1. General Membership Meeting:
    Invitation have been sent out. Thank you videos will be shown at the general meeting.

  2. enlarge newsletter circle:
    Dorothea Engel is contacting the German-Ethiopian Association about the newsletter issue.

  3. website:
    Johannes takes care that an access to the website has a secure connection.

  4. send Christmas mail.
    No Christmas mail will be sent this year because the videos will be shown.

  5. bylaws change:
    Will be made/performed at the Assembly. Will be prepared by Niklas and Dominik. After the change of the statutes it will be registered at the notary, as well as the board members will be registered in the register of associations.

  6. transfer to Notion:
    A transfer to Notion will not take place for the time being. Theresa and Johannes want to organize the drive better. A work in progress folder will be created.

  7. education:
    Most children would rather study. Therefore, education would be a backup plan and will be pursued as a contingency plan.

  8. email Biruh:
    Due to the bad situation, Biruh is leaving Adis for 7 weeks first. Kibret is doing well. According to him, the problems are in the north of the country. He does not see any problems in Adis. Gift for Nahom has not arrived yet. A picture of Nahom with the gift is requested.

Next meeting one hour before the plenary on 21/12/21.