Sitzungsprotokoll 07.02.22

Sitzungsprotokoll 07.02.22

Participants: Dorothea, Theresa, Dominik
Date: 07:02. 22; 20:10-20:20

  1. Rearrange Google Drive:
    An archive folder has been created and is checked by participants to see if there are still relevant files.

  2. Half-yearly reports:
    Johannes has the dates for half-yearly reports on his screen.

  3. Cashier:
    Johannes is in charge of the cash register.

  4. Contact to Kibret (Kirchner family contact to godchild):
    Contact with Kibret or contact for the Kirchner family to their godchild has yet to be established.

  5. Amendment of the statutes:
    The board is registered with the notary and forwarded to the register of associations.