Protocoll 19. April 2021

Protocoll 19. April 2021

Present : Lisandra, Theresa, Doro, Dominik, Johannes, Vincent, Niklas
TOPs : Planned change of statute, planned change of school, Ethiopian seminar
Start : 8 p.m.
End : 9:00 p.m.

TOP 1 : Planned amendment to the statutes
We will make the amendment to the statutes in 2022 because we will then also have the new board notarized.

TOP 2 : Planned change of school
Kibret attended the following three schools:

Schools of Tomorrow:

  • Very good reputation
  • In Mekanisa only Secondary (grade 9-12)
  • Per term (2.5 month, 4 terms a year): 7,500 ETB school fees (all other fees not included: tutorial, books, etc. etc.) -> 600 Euros now per year
  • Prices are expected to be increased a lot for the upcoming school year
  • No transportation provided by school (most students have private taxi)
  • Primary is in Golfa (a bit far)
  • Admission test might be too tough for our kids?

Bisrate Gebriel School

  • No website
  • Prices similar to the school of tomorrow, probably a bit lower
  • Very near for everyone except for Mahilet (not far from Kalkidan's place)
  • Grades 1-12
  • School transportation 1,000 per child per month (now we pay 2,250 ETB for the whole year!)

Cruise School

    -Supposed to be good (regarding education, better than Bisrate Gebriel)
  • Near to Mekanisa
  • Grades 1-12
  • Offer school transportation
  • Per month 1,700 ETB school fee. About 380 Euros per year (excluding tutorial etc.)

TOP 3 : Ethiopia Seminar 2021
Niklas took part in the Ethiopia seminar 2021 which corna conditionally took place online. Was very informative and well done.

TOP 4 : Date of club meetings
From now on, club meetings will always take place on the first Monday of the month.