Protocoll 25. January 2021

Protocoll 25. January 2021

Attendees : Lisandra, Theresa, Doro, Dominik, Johannes
TOPs : Researching new projects, Ethiopia seminar, changing the statutes, posting newsletters, secure website, February newsletter

Start : 8 p.m.
End : 9:11 pm

Top 1 : Research new projects
We are still in the process of finding new projects. Doro and Vincent had already proposed a scholarship award project for volunteer students in the past. This idea is taken up again and discussed. Another project is a change of school for all KaJo children to a more expensive and better school. If possible, this should take place in the 2021 school year. The latter project will be prioritized for the time being. Lisandra and Dominik are researching.

TOP 2 : Ethiopia seminar
The German-Ethiopian seminar will take place virtually from March 19th to 20th. Doro and Lisandra log in.

TOP 3 : Change the statutes
Humanitarian aid has not yet been included in our purpose of the association. We would like to include this in our statutes as an exception in order to be able to organize a possibly necessary further appeal for donations in the future via KaJo. Johannes and Theresa take care.

TOP 4 : Post a newsletter
It is currently not possible to post the newsletter as such on the website, only as a link. Doro will therefore implement the individual content in posts.

TOP 5 : Secure website
Our KaJo website is currently "not secure" as we do not pay for the security certificate. In practice, we don't need it, as no user names, passwords or the like are entered on our website. However, it could be a deterrent for visitors. Johannes researches how much a certificate costs.

TOP 6 : February newsletter
A new newsletter is to appear in February. Doro would like to write a contribution on global injustice.