News of the association

News of the association

  1. Participation in the Ethiopia-Seminar

In April a member of the board took part two days in an Ethiopia-seminar for two days, organized by the German Ethiopian Association e.V.
There were very interesting lectures and insights, which gave our association work one or the other impulse. Here is a small excerpt of the lectures:

Mr. Lij Asfa-Wossen Asserate (PhD)
Africa where to go? Politics, economy and migration

Mr. Estifanos Samuel
Potential of the Ethiopian youth as an economic
backbone of society

Mr. Seyoum Mulugeta
Impressions of the recent political developments in Ethiopia

Ms. Susanne Ziegler
Status of goldsmith training in Ethiopia

Ms. Nasrin Siege
Book presentation "Asni and Konjit" in german and
amharic as well as the situation of the book market in Ethiopia

  1. Our godchild Kalkidan is best in class and school!

We are very happy about the news that we received a few days ago that Kalkidan is best in class and school!
Such an event makes us very proud and we are happy to accompany Kalkidan on her way.

  1. summer holidays

Another school year has come to an end and our sponsored children are starting their long awaited summer holidays. Fera has finished school and wants to study management or marketing, Bruke is now in 10th grade, Hilina and Kalkidan in 9th grade, Mahlet in 6th grade and Joseph, our youngest, in 5th grade.
Now the time of the "summer school" begins. During the summer holidays, our association always pays the children the so-called "summer school", which can be completed in various subject areas. The children can choose freely here.