Report 11.04.2019

Report 11.04.2019

April 11, 2019

Present: Theresa, Lisandra, Doro, Johannes


Theresa report from the Ethiopian Seminar organized by the German Ethiopian Association in Kassel.
Very positive feedback on KAJO. Generally a great event to which we could go together as a club.
A potential project for KAJO has emerged:

To promote the training of an 18 year old girl as a goldsmith. The project is headed by Susanne Z. The cost is 30 € / month. Of these, € 20 are for board and lodging and € 10 for training costs. Further information to follow generally there is interest from the association.

It is unanimously decided that seminar costs are borne by the association. The seminar costs from the Ethiopian seminar amounted to € 70.