Protocoll 03. Mai 2021

Protocoll 03. Mai 2021

Attendees : Lisandra, Theresa, Dorothea, Dominik, Niklas
TOPs : Newsletter, planned school change, organizational matters, potential training opportunities
Start : 8 p.m.
End : 8:40 p.m.

TOP 1 : Newsletter status

  • godchildren
  • Current situation
    Will be created in the next few days

TOP 2 : Planned change of school

  • The cost calculation of the three schools for all children is done by Dominik
  • this is then compared with our budget and discussed again which school we choose for our children
  • Kalkidan, Bruke and Helina do not want to change schools and stay on the Future Generation Hope

Kibret attended the following three schools:

Schools of Tomorrow:

  • Very good reputation
  • In Mekanisa only Secondary (grade 9-12)
  • Per term (2.5 month, 4 terms a year): 7,500 ETB school fees (all other fees not included: tutorial, books, etc. etc.) -> 600 Euros now per year
  • Prices are expected to be increased a lot for the upcoming school year
  • No transportation provided by school (most students have private taxi)
  • Primary is in Golfa (a bit far)
  • Admission test might be too tough for our kids?
  • Children can only switch to school from the 9th grade, as the school stretches across different locations
  • Children have to use public transport
  • Communication with the school has been going well so far

Cruise School

    -Supposed to be good (regarding education, better than Bisrate Gebriel)
  • Near to Mekanisa
  • Grades 1-12
  • Offer school transportation
  • Per month 1,700 ETB school fee. About 380 Euros per year (excluding tutorial etc.)

Bisrate Gebriel School

  • No website
  • Prices similar to the school of tomorrow, probably a bit lower
  • Very near for everyone except for Mahilet (not far from Kalkidan's place)
  • Grades 1-12
  • School transportation 1,000 per child per month (now we pay 2,250 ETB for the whole year!)

TOP 3 : Research change of school
Theresa researched again parallel to the change of school, first of all the cost calculation is awaited and further contact is kept

TOP 4 : Participants Database

  • has been updated and adapted

TOP 5 : Communication with Biruh
Biruh, one of our contact persons in Ethiopia, is currently not active at KaJo. An account is in her name, which we used in the past for club purposes. Doro will speak to her and ask if she can give Kibret a salary and other expenses can be covered.

TOP 6 : Training opportunities

  • Numerous possibilities via the German-Ethiopian Association, which are still difficult due to Corona
  • Niklas presents his progress in more detail