Report 20.04.2020

Report 20.04.2020

Attending: Vincent, Theresa, Niklas, Susanne and Dorothea
Start: 6:30 p.m. to 7:05 p.m.

TOP 1:
Vincent introduces himself, he wants to work on the project to promote education in Ethiopia after high schools

TOP 2:
Kibret asked for personal support from the current corona situation and plague of locusts. The purpose of the association is limited to school education, so support can currently only be given in a private context.

• Kibret has already received money from Lisandra privately, anyone who wants can transfer money to Lisandra and she will send it Kibret
• Theresa will start a call for donations and ask the members for support in the crisis, taking into account all families and Kibret
• Niklas communicates with Kibret that we will start a call for donations

TOP 3:
Establishing contacts with the German Ethiopian Association and Menschen für Menschen and find vocational educational centers

• Vincent contacts German Ethiopian Association and asks for a list of vocational educational centers
• Vincent works on a concept for the promotion of educational training

TOP 4:
To what extent does the government in Ethiopia support the needy

• Dorothea writes an email to Biruh
• Dorothea asks Biruh if she would be willing to distribute the money for the call for donations to the families of the sponsored children