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By becoming a sponsor you will enable an Ethiopian child from the poorest backgrounds to have a better future. We see education as the irreplaceable prerequisite for sustainable self-determination and as a path out of poverty.

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Scholarships with KaJo

1. Sign up as a sponsor

Choose which part of the sponsorship you want to cover. The entire sponsorship for a child costs 85€ per month. It consists of three elements: Education (50€), Transport (25€) and School Materials (10€).

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2. We will contact you

Direct contact with our sponsors is very important to us. After you sent us a request to become a sponsor we will contact you via e-mail or telephone to discuss the following steps.

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3. Payment of school fees

We, the active members of KaJo e. V. or our middle-person in Addis Abeba personally pays all school fees and any other costs related to the school education such as new books, stationery or school transportation.

The families of the children participate with a symbolic amount in the purchase of the school uniforms of their children.

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4. You receive updates from your godchild

Hear about your godchild in form of letters and video messages regularly. In addition, you will receive a half-yearly copy of the school certificate of your godchild.

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We depend on your help!

We use your donation ultimately to support education in Ethiopia

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FAQ Sponsor a child

How much does a sponsorship cost?

The entire sponsorship costs 85 Euro per month. However it is also possible to cover partial elements of the sponsorship.

The Education Sponsorship costs 50€ per month.
The Transport Sponsorship costs 25€ per month.
The School Materials Sponsorship costs 10€ per month.

How are the annual costs combined?

  • School fees and tutorials 950 Euro
  • Transport to school 230 Euro
  • School uniforms 40 Euro
  • Books, Pencils, Exercise Books 50 Euro
  • School Wear 90 Euro

Depending on the age of the children, the school fees per child and year sum up to approximately 1360 Euro. The numbers refer to the school year 2022/23. A detailed list of the financials can be found online.

What do I get in return?

The personal contact between godchild and sponsor is very important to us, which is why you receive mails or a video message from your godchild twice a year. In addition, you can also participate in the meetings of our active members. At our meetings every second week, we discuss current projects and other internal topics. Due to our physical separation, we are currently meeting via Skype.

Can a donation receipt be issued?

A receipt can be issued from an annual donation amount of 50 euro.

How can the sponsorship be terminated?

For our sponsors, there is a notice period of at least three months. This must be submitted to us in writing via e-mail.

We depend on your help!

We use your donation ultimately to support education in Ethiopia

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Financial transparency and efficiency

In 2018, 89 % of KaJo's total expenses were used directly to finance the school education of our sponsored children. The remaining 11 % were used to ensure good caretaking of the children in Addis Abeba and for fundraising.

We are an open book. Have a look at our finance reports.