Report 21.10.2019

Report 21.10.2019

Date 21.10.2019
Time: 6:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.
Present: Johannes, Niklas, Dorothea, Clara-Marie

TOP 1:
Search for new projects: Ityoppis ( is an association from Frickenhausen. Dorothea contacted the board and looked for a cooperation opportunity. Financial support could be given to school construction in the Simien National Park in Ethiopia. The Ityoppis association is currently unsure of the form in which the work will continue on site. The board will report to KaJo after the decision.

TOP 2:
Club members introduce themselves on the website. Text by Theresa is still missing. Johannes links this to the performances

TOP 3:
Fera's National Exam has arrived

TOP 4:
Studying with commitment: Dorothea is working on a new project together with Vincent Robiller.
KaJo e.V. would like to expand its scholarship program. For this purpose, young men and women from Ethiopia who do not have the opportunity to attend a university for financial reasons should be given a scholarship in Addis Ababa. A bachelor's or master's degree should be funded so that the students can concentrate on their studies and do not have to work on the side, or have to end their studies prematurely due to lack of financial resources (from the family). The awarding of scholarships is linked to various requirements that applicants must meet. At the same time as studying, an aid project is to be developed and implemented that will positively change the future development of the country.

TOP 5:
Should the sponsored children also receive English lessons with a private English teacher?

TOP 6:
Sponsored children support Biruh and Kibret in the form of books / letters etc. to shop or collect.

TOP 7:
Niklas helps Lisandra with finances

TOP 8:
Two new sponsors have joined the association and are sponsoring our new god children.

TOP 9:
General meeting of members takes place at the end of December. Theresa sends out invitations.

TOP 10:
Amazon Smile: Johannes registers KaJo to Amazon Smile

TOP 11:
Send Johannes final report:
Bruke: don't change school, tutorial would have been 10 times as expensive as at the FGH, uniform would have been more expensive. Bruke's mother said it is too expensive for the family.
New godchildren see previous posts.
Kibret: very reliable, took care of KaJo for four full days, since then children have built up a good trust in Kibret! Johannes paid Kibret the salary for the next three months. Kibret got a tip of 32 euros. Research inflation?