Report 8.06.2019

Report 8.06.2019

Date meeting of July 8, 2019
People present: Lisandra, Theresa, Johannes, Niklas and Dorothea
Secretary: Dorothea

TOP 1:
Kristina, godmother of Fera and Bruke, was in Addis Ababa and introduced Alem, our potential new middleman, to Biruh as well as Fera and Bruk. Now we have to clarify internally whether Alem should replace our current middleman Kibret. This depends on your level of English. For this purpose, email contact is initially made and a telephone appointment made. Lisandra lets Kristina contact her, and Theresa contacts Alem.

TOP 2:
Graduation Ceremony by Fera: Fera's closing ceremony costs 110 €, including shoes, dress, admission etc. KaJo pays the costs that are the same for all schoolchildren and the costs, such as shoes that Biruh / Fera bought themselves, we take over as Kristina's gift.

TOP 3:
Johannes may be flying to Ethiopia this September. He is planning the trip with Diana.

TOP 4:
English translation of the website: Niklas does the translation and talks to Johannes.
Johannes unlocks Niklas for Trello and Telegram.

TOP 5:
Children's certificates are all missing. Doro will ask Biruh again.

TOP 6:
Videos of the children would have to be made again. Doro writes Biruh.

TOP 7:
This summer all children want to take part in a summer school again. Bruke and Helina would like to take an English course that will not take place at the Future Generation Hope School. The costs should not differ too much from those of the FGH school.

TOP 8:
Kalkidan is the best in school this year and would like to change schools: Don Bosco in Addis Ababa // The school offers excellent training for outstanding students.

TOP 9:
M4M - Manager for People A cooperation was briefly mentioned, but will be postponed until later. Managers take time off and work on projects like KaJo.

TOP 10:
Please always publish all protocols on the website!

TOP 11:
Communication with Kristina regarding Fera and Bruke about the payment of the university. Kristina informed the children that KaJo was only designed to support them until they finished school.

TOP 12:
Next meeting in two weeks Monday 6.30 p.m., July 22, 2019.

TOP 13:
All emails regarding Biruh, Kibret, Alem and Kristina must always be forwarded to everyone.