Report 22.01.2019

Report 22.01.2019

January 22nd, 2019
In attendance: Anna-Theresa Dreher, Dorothea Engl, Johannes Engl and Lisandra Ilisei
Secretary: Anna-Theresa Dreher

  1. Discussing the website
    • We discuss our new website and share who should translate which text in English

  2. Situation on site
    • Unfortunately, our volunteer Biruh told us that she will work less for us for private reasons. The idea that Biruh will take over the work from our middleman Kibret is no longer valid. Reminder: Our middleman Kibret has founded his own business and is therefore very busy. He told us last year that he won't be working until spring. Dorothea will contact him and discuss the situation with him and ask if he can now reconcile his work and KaJo e.V. considering the situation

  3. New projects
    • We want to use our donations wisely and are looking for projects that we can support financially. Johannes informs himself

  4. Flyers
    • We ordered flyers some time ago. The quality is very bad. Johannes says it's because of the quality of the pictures. We discuss whether we should print the flyers again. However, we unanimously decide against it due to the waste of paper and the fact that we are not represented at so many events in terms of public relations, so that this would justify renewed pressure